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Planet Earth and Geomagnetism essays

Planet Earth and Geomagnetism essays Geomagnetism refers to the study of earth's magnetism. Generation of the magnetic field appears to be related to the motion of fluid upon the earth. "It electrically conducts the material within the earth, and the planet acts as a self-exciting dynamo" [Encarta Encyclopedia 1998]. The conducting material and the geomagnetic field may mutually control each other. Study of this theory is called magnetohydrodynamics or hydromagnetics. The study of how the magnetic field Ha changed throughout the earth's history, called paleomagnetism, provided the first strong theories of plate tectonics. More proof of this theory is the fact that the surface of the earth has a negative charge. Although the conductivity of the air near the earth is small, air is not a perfect insulator, and the negative charge would drain off quickly if it were not continuously replenished in some way. The magnetic poles do not correspond with the geographic poles of its axis, and the position of the magnetic poles is not constant and shows an appreciable change from year to year. Variations in the magnetic field of the earth include secular variation - the change in the direction of the field caused by shifting of the poles. This is a periodic variation that repeats itself after 960 years. A smaller annual variation also exists, as does diurnal, or daily, which can only be detected by sensitive instruments. Measurements of the secular variation show that the entire magnetic field has a tendency to drift westward at the rate of 12 - 15 miles per year. There is also the theoretical elementary particle containing only one magnetic pole; it is called a monopole. All known magnetic particles are dipole in nature - that is, they contain both a "north" and "south" magnetic pole - but the possible existence of magnetic monopoles was proposed by symmetry theories in the 1930's. This idea remains part of currents grand unification theories that are attempting to bring togeth...

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How Much You Should Pay for Essays

How Much You Should Pay for Essays How Much You Should Pay for Essays Often, students have doubts whether to ask for help with writing papers on different topics. Of course, the price matters a lot, but first of all, you have to determine if it is really worth doing so. Very few people are born writers, so the only way out for others is to practice hard to master their skills. You need a lot of time for that as well as every paper should be finished by the due date. Students often feel nervous because they have to race against the time. If you want to write a paper by yourself, you have to be sure you know how to do it right. Anyway, even if you do it yourself, you may ask someone to check it, to correct mistakes and the structure of the paper. In such a case, you definitely need help from a professional writer. The question is, what price is both affordable and reasonable to pay for essays. Price vs. Quality There is no doubt that you can easily find an essay writing service that offers prices that are lower than usual. You may think it is so great to have an opportunity to get the task you need for so little money, but on the other hand, try to think of an experienced writer who agrees to write an essay for a low price that does not correspond with their skills and knowledge. It is just not worth turning to them. If you pay too little for your essay, be ready to get the equal quality. Of course, you have to mind that no one will make any efforts to complete a great paper. Thus, the low rates a custom writing service produce have to be a red flag for you as you are more likely to receive not only a poor quality paper sample but also plagiarized. In this case, you have to decide what matters to you the most the quality or price. College writing assignments are not the thing to scrimp on. Isn’t it better to spend a little more and get a unique paper that meets your demands as well as gladden you by its quality? How to Get a Reasonable Assistance? What we offer you is a fair price policy for essays of high quality. Prices at start at $13 per page, which is a standard price for a task like this. In addition, you may be perfectly sure that the writer assigned to work on your order is an experienced specialist. All the writers employed had to show results sufficient enough to meet your requirements. Besides, they also know how to format a paper, so you don’t need to worry about that as well. Whether you need your paper to be formatted in MLA, APA, or Harvard, our writers will effortlessly deal with that. So, place an order with our essay writing service, fill in the order form mentioning all the necessary details to let the writers know what kind of paper you need. Make your instructions clear and precise to avoid any misunderstandings. Select your academic level, type of the paper needed, the number of pages, and the deadline to know how much you will need to pay for your essay. We will do our best to assign the most suitable writer to your order. Why not get high-quality custom help at an affordable price?

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Mangement of Budjet of San Antonio TX Case Study

Mangement of Budjet of San Antonio TX - Case Study Example Later on, many more industries have joined the city, strengthening its economic base. San Antonio has emerged as one of the most recession resistant cities in the US. The city is working towards strengthening its economy even more (Emily, 86). The main strategies being applied to achieve this are incentives to businesses and entrepreneurs to attract more investment into the city, expand the retail business, create new job opportunities and stimulate high economic development. This, the city does by incorporating these objectives in its budget. The economic management department is the body charged with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of such objectives (Jones, 380). The Economic Management Department has made it easy for existing and even potential businesses to access fully fledged business services. This act as an incentive, to ensure that the entrepreneurs and the business feel appreciated and welcome in the city and their role in the economy of the city is being recognized. The department provides the businesses with professionals who assist them with issues to do with licensing, permits and other regulatory issues (Jones, 159). To the prospective entrepreneurs, the professional staffs provide initial business consultancy and counseling services. These services provided to the entrepreneurs include counseling services on the potential and available sources of capital, how to prepare and develop a business plan, forms of business organizations, information on government procurement as well as marketing strategies most applicable to the businesses they aspire to establish (Emily, 65). The incentives provided to business in this city are aimed at encouraging more business to establish here, motivate new companies to create employment opportunities and by extension, spur the economic prosperity of the city to greater heights. The

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Compare the Gettyburg Address and the Funeral of Pericles Term Paper

Compare the Gettyburg Address and the Funeral of Pericles - Term Paper Example If we analyse these two speeches, we realise that the essence of the democracy is well conveyed by both the speakers on seemingly different yet similar occasions. In the article we are going to analyse these similarities and the message that was conveyed to all those who seek democracy as the tool for effective development of the society. Historical Background Astonishingly both the speeches were delivered in similar circumstances. The Gettysburg address delivered by Abraham Lincoln is considered one of his finest speeches. The speech does not go beyond 2 to 3 minutes, but it conveys the lifelong dream of a visionary to create a society based on equality and justice. The idea of accountability to the society is conveyed by a single phrase stating it is a government by the people, for the people and of the people.1 The background of the address is civil war which changed the course of history of America. Civil war ended the discrimination legally and freed a large section of the socie ty from slavery. The address was delivered at the end of battle of Gettysburg, at the time of consecration of national cemetery at Gettysburg. It was the last speech to be delivered on the occasion. Similar to this the speech delivered by Pericles is also after the battle is ended. It was a tradition in Athens to hold public funerals in the honour of the dead in the war. There were cypress coffins made as per the number of tribes participating in the war. Public was allowed to pay tributes and then the burial was carried out.2 This tradition seems to have been very prevalent as there are several references to these occasions in the history. It was also a tradition that a prominent citizen would address the gathering of the people on such people. Thucydides’ records give an account of what Pericles spoke on one such occasion. Themes of the speeches Both the speeches revolve round the idea of democracy although none of them directly make a mention of democracy. Another importan t feature is the tribute to the dead in the war. Fighting for the cause they believed in till the last breath is nothing less than heroic. The least a nation or a society can do is honour the dead by creating honouring the death of such heroes. Going forward both speeches emphasise on the greatness of the country and the society they are living in. The speeches end on the note of message to the society to not to forget the sacrifices made by the dead towards the living. Learning from the speeches The discovery of America represented liberty and equality. The speech emphasises on two perspectives. One is the death of the people who believed in the cause for which they died. It will be highly ungrateful of the society to forget the ultimate sacrifice made by these war heroes. War for any society travels from general to personal level, while the cause of the war is general and applies to the entire society by and large; the death of war heroes is every bit personal to the families and loved ones. The boundaries of sacrifice extend to these families for whom the loss is more than what can be expressed. Offering of a piece of land to create a cemetery is a gesture of gratitude. It should always be noted that any grand construction or building is created only when there are a few strong pillars who bury themselves underground. Only then the tall construction comes into being. For generations people have fought wars for

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Recruitment And Selection At Tesco

Recruitment And Selection At Tesco As a member of the HR department I need to research and make a report in order to check the quality of new staff being hired. The aim of this report is to explore what are the best means of testing and hiring new employees. It will also look into some benefits and drawbacks of recruitment process in two successful companies which are Tesco and McDonalds. Consequently, I will outline some suggestion which I think is the best for our company. 2.0 Procedures The information is collected from internet and using secondary research to gather data for my report. 3.0 Findings 3.1 Recruitment and selection at Tesco Tesco is the largest private sector employer and operating over 13 countries outside the UK. There is increasing all the time in the number of both store-based and non-store. In addition, in order to achieve business objectives, Tesco needs to make sure that they have the right number of workers in the right jobs at the right time. In order to do this, Tesco has a step by step process of recruitment and selection to appeal applicants for both operational and managerial roles. As the company is growing, it is important for Tesco to have workforce planning which is future needs for people in term of locations, numbers and skills. As regards of recruitment, it can be defined as the process of identifying which the organisation needs for a new employee. Tesco advertises vacancies in different methods. The process of recruiting depends on the job available. Firstly, Tesco looks at internal Talent Plan to fill posts. The lists of current employees who looking for a move or on promotion will be consider. If nobody is suitable in this talent plan, Tesco use internal advertising to post in intranet. However, external recruitment, the vacancies are posted in the Tesco websites or external vacancies board. When making applicant online for managerial position, the chosen applicants must have an interview. Consequently, people who are selected will attendance at an assessment centre for selecting process. Having the CV or register at Jobcentre Plus, candidates who interested in stored based jobs can apply stores in Tesco. The store prepares a waiting list of application which is not selected and calls them if vacancies become available. Furthermore, for the jobs with more specialists such as pharmacist, baker the external recruitment method will be used for example radio, magazine, television. As far as the selection are concerned, it involve in selecting a suitable candidates from applicants by using the job specification and job description. The important part of the selection process is screening candidates. This is ensure that people are selected have matched with the job requirements. Initially, each applicants CV which summarises the candidates education and job experience will be looked cautiously by the Human Resources in Tesco. The firm also provides a job type match on careers web page. Hence they can see where they fit or not. A person who passes screening attend assessment centre will be invited to second interview. If they are successful, they will receive an offer letter and contract. The assessment centre is take place in store and is run by managers. It will give to candidate several tasks which include problem solving, team working. These exercises can help candidate to deal with real problems at work. 3.2 Advantage of recruitment and selection method in Tesco With respect to recruitment process, Tesco will try to find the most cost-effective way of attracting people. Although it is not cheap to advertise on television and magazines, this is essential to get the right type of people for the vacancies. It is easy for applicants to seek about available jobs and also has a simple application process throughout the Tesco website. First of all, by using internal recruitment in Tesco lead to cut the cost of recruiting workers from outside. This is due to less training and orientation required In addition, the HR department know more about the candidates ability. This will increase productivity of current employee and stronger commitment to the company. There are a number of benefits by using external recruitment method. Because of new people, they will bring in Tesco new perspectives and ideas. Furthermore, Tesco have more choice to choose candidates; they have a wider range of experience. 3.3 Disadvantage of recruitment and selection method in Tesco As regards to internal recruitment, the number of applicants can be limited. Owing to already known about strength and weakness of candidate, Tesco could not have new ideas from outside. In addition, another vacancy will be creating which need to be filled. On the other hand, in external recruitment, it has more expensive because of advertising and longer process. The selection process might not be effective enough to find the best applicant. 3.4 Introduction to recruitment and selection methods in McDonalds McDonalds is a one of the largest scale employer. Most workers are paid by the hour and those people called as crew members. Their jobs are to prepare the food and serve customers in order to make the restaurants run more efficiency. With respect to recruiting hourly-paid workers McDonalds have created a two-step application process for potential crew members. Firstly, all candidates must do the psychometric test and then they need to go online and fill the application. Once successful, the candidate will be invited to a restaurant for an on job experience (oje) and interview. The purposes of OJE give a good opportunity to evaluate the candidates customer service skills, how they get on with other member in McDonald and allows candidate to see whether or not suits with working environment. After that, the candidate will work in customer facing areas about 2 day assessment and will be given full instruction on what to do. Consequently, they have a final interview with manager who will give the decision about the applicant. When crew member have been hired, they have to attend a welcome meeting to demonstrate their skills and behaviours. This meeting will show an overview of the company and then candidate must do h ealth safety and food safety test online. 3.5 Advantage and disadvantage of recruitment and selection methods As we can see, the way McDonalds recruitment people it appeal more people to apply because they offer employee with many rewards and bonus. This also increases competition between employees to get prizes. They also provide good working condition which help workers more flexible at work. The other thing here is that people are easily to find out and apply quickly which save a lot of time. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks of these methods. Firstly, owing to more reward, this lead to increasing cost for company. 4.0 Conclusion From my point of view, both companies have good recruitment and selection policy depends on what they are doing. McDonald believes that employees are a vital role in the company to achieve the success of the restaurants. Their aim is to recruit the best people and keep them by offering on-going training related to their position, therefore promoting them when they are ready. The recruitment policies to fulfil its aim. However, Tesco believes that workforce planning is vital for business. They got strong organisational structures. It provides user-friendly ways of applying for jobs and a consistent approach to recruitment and selection. 5.0 Recommendation Having finished research and analyses the recruitment process in both company, I would like to recommend some suggestion for our company which are application online, advertise on TV, using job specification and job description. First of all, application online help people easily to apply and attracting more people is due to developing of technology nowadays. Secondly, advertising is good way to grab attention of people. The reason is that most people like watching TV in leisure times. Although advertising is expensive in the short run, we will have more result in the long run. This is because we have right employee who will contribute to our company for a long time. Finally, when we have many applicants, using job specification and description are the good ways to choose the right person. These documents help us get the overview of candidates; what the qualification they have and their experience.

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Avon Promotion Essay

We employ certain web enabled systems to increase Representative support, which allow a Representative to run her or his business more efficiently and also allow us to improve our order-processing accuracy. For example, in many countries, Representatives can utilize the Internet to manage their business electronically, including order submission, order tracking, payment and two-way communications with us. In addition, in the U.S. and certain other markets, Representatives can further build their own business through personalized web pages provided by us, enabling them to sell a complete line of our products online. Self-paced online training also is available in certain markets.In some markets, we use decentralized branches, satellite stores and independent retail operations (e.g., beauty boutiques) to serve Representatives and other customers Representatives come to a branch to place and pick up product orders for their customers. The branches also create visibility for us with consumers and help reinforce our beauty image. In certain markets, we provide opportunities to license our beauty centers and other retail-oriented and direct-to-consumer opportunities to reach new customers in complementary ways to direct selling. In the U.S. and certain other markets, we also market our products through consumer websites (e.g., in the U.S.). The recruiting or appointing and training of Representatives are the primary responsibilities of district sales managers, zone managers and independent leaders. Depending on the market and the responsibilities of the role, some of these individuals are our employees and some are independent contractors. Those who are employees are paid a salary and an incentive based primarily on the achievement of a sales objective in their district. Those who are independent contractors are rewarded primarily based on total sales achieved in their zones or downline team of recruited, trained and managed Representatives. Personal contacts, including recommendations from current Representatives (including the Leadership program), and local market advertising constitute the primary means of obtaining new Representatives. The Leadership program is a multi-level compensation program which gives Representatives, known as independent leaders, the opportunity to earn discounts on their own sales of our products, as well as commissions based on the net sales made by Representatives they have recruited and trained.  This program generally limits the number of levels on which commissions can be earned to three. The primary responsibilities of independent leaders are the prospecting, appointing, training and development of their downline Representatives while maintaining a certain level of their own sales. Development of the Leadership program throughout the world is one part of our long-term growth strategy. As described above, the Representative is the â€Å"store† through which we primarily sell our products and, given the high rate of turnover among Representatives (a common characteristic of direct selling), it is critical that we recruit, retain and service Representatives on a continuing basis in order to maintain and grow our business. From time to time, local governments and others question the legal status of Representatives or impose burdens inconsistent with their status as independent contractors, often in regard to possible coverage under social benefit laws that would require us (and, in most instances, the Representatives) to make regular contributions to government social benefit funds. Although we have generally been able to address these questions in a satisfactory manner, these questions can be raised again following regulatory changes in a jurisdiction or can be raised in other jurisdictions. If there should be a final determination adverse to us in a country, the cost for future, and possibly past, contributions could be so substantial in the context of the volume and profitability of our business in that country that we would consider discontinuing operations in that country. Promotion and Marketing Sales promotion and sales development activities are directed at assisting Representatives, through sales aids such as brochures, product samples and demonstration products. In order to support the efforts of Representatives to reach new customers, specially designed sales aids, promotional pieces, customer flyers, television advertising and print advertising can be used. In addition, we seek to motivate our Representatives through the use of special incentive programs that reward superior sales performance. Periodic sales meetings with Representatives are conducted by the district sales or zone managers. The meetings are designed to keep Representatives abreast of product line changes, explain sales techniques and provide recognition for  sales performance. A number of merchandising techniques are used, including the introduction of new products, the use of combination offers, the use of trial sizes and samples, and the promotion of products packaged as gift items. In general, for each sales campaign, a distinctive brochure is published, in which new products are introduced and selected items are offered as special promotions or are given particular prominence in the brochure. A key priority for our merchandising is to continue the use of pricing and promotional models and tools to enable a deeper, fact-based understanding of the role and impact of pricing within our product portfolio. From time to time, various regulations or laws have been proposed or adopted that would, in general, restrict the frequency, duration or volume of sales resulting from new product introductions, special promotions or other special price offers. We expect our pricing flexibility and broad product lines to mitigate the effect of these regulations. Competitive Conditions We face competition from various products and product lines both domestically and internationally.

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Sentencing Of Sentencing And Sentencing Essay - 920 Words

Introduction Sentencing bias occurs in most of the court cases in the United States of America. Sentencing bias can include races such as Hispanic/Latino, Asian Americans, White Americans, and Native Americans. This brings us to talk about sentencing disparities? In which a court case trial is not treated the same or it is treated differently than other cases. However, who faces the most disparities in sentencing? Could it be African American’s who face’s the most trends and Asian American’s the least trends in sentencing disparities? Or could it be Hispanic/Latino’s who are the least victims of sentencing disparities? Many authors have studied the trends of sentencing disparities, and they have encountered many findings. Many of these findings were found by researching case studies. Criminologists and researchers looked at misdemeanor cases, felony cases, and as well as simple traffic violations. Sentencing occurs in even the smallest traffic violation, because the of fender of the ticket still has to attend court to fight to ticket. Literature Review Hispanics/ Latinos, African Americans, Asians, and White Americans have all raised concerns in the criminal justice system. However, has the United States internalized bias sentencing? During the past years criminologists and criminal analyst from all walks of life have researched if this was true. An article written by Ed A Muà ±oz and Adrinne B. Freng tries to show that researches have tried to explain disparities inShow MoreRelatedSentencing Of Sentencing And Sentencing Guidelines857 Words   |  4 Pages Sentencing is a complicated, and sometimes extremely harsh set of rules. It has very deterrence, and retribution based set of rules for the most part. Which is indicative of the society we as americans live in. Through this paper i will explain each type of sentencing guideline. They are Intermediate, Determinate, Mandatory, Concurrent, and consecutive. Also we will talk about how in some states mandatory guidelines actually can lower the total prison populati on. But how in states that are not resourceRead MoreSentencing Of The Sentencing Hearing863 Words   |  4 PagesSENTENCING Once an individual has been found guilty of a crime, sentencing will take place within thirty to sixty days. The sentencing hearing is set far enough in advance that a presentence investigation can be held by the probation department (Aberle, 2014). During the presentencing investigation the probation department will assign members to look at the defendant’s prior criminal history, military history, work history, summary of the charges including mitigating and aggravating circumstancesRead MoreSentencing Disparities And Race On Criminal Sentencing2644 Words   |  11 PagesIntroduction Sentencing disparities as a result of an individual’s race or ethnic background, has been one of the most frequently investigated topics in criminological research. (Mitchell, Mackenzie 2004). Several studies have attempted to understand the impact of the offenders’ race on criminal sentencing but there has been variation in the results- some of studies concluded race does effect sentencing regardless of the legal variables; some studies revealed it does not; while other studies concludedRead MoreTypes of Sentencing1606 Words   |  6 PagesRunning Head: WHAT DETERS Sentencing Name of Student School Types of Sentencing Determinate sentencing fixes confinement for a definite or minimum period, as specified by statute (Rank, 2012). Determinate statutes became popular throughout the country in the 80s out of public clamor for stringent laws to curb crime. Congress and the States came up with these statutes from the belief that punishment deters crime. Hence, specific sentences were evolved for certain crimes or repeat offensesRead MoreSentencing Paper1264 Words   |  6 PagesSentencing Paper Tushar Vincent Botlero 12 March 2012 CJ/A-234 Melissa Andrewjeski Sentencing Paper   Punishment has been a subject of deliberate among philosophers, political leaders,  and lawyers  for centuries. Various theories of punishment have been developed, each of which attempts to justify the practice in some form and to state its proper objectives. The quantity and severity of punishments were reduced, the prison system have been improved. According to the MontgomeryRead MoreSentencing Models1493 Words   |  6 Pages|Kaplan University | |Sentencing Models | |Determinate, Indeterminate, and Mandatory Sentencing | |Christopher Boone | |1/1/2012 Read MoreSentencing of Juveniles2625 Words   |  11 PagesThe Sentencing of Juveniles Today, we live in a society faced with many problems, including crime and the fear that it creates. In the modern era, juveniles have become a part of society to be feared, not rehabilitated. The basis of the early juvenile justice system was to rehabilitate and create safe havens for wayward youth. This is not the current philosophy, although the U.S. is one of the few remaining countries to execute juveniles. Presently, our nation is under a presidential administrationRead MoreDiscriminating in Sentencing3195 Words   |  13 PagesDiscriminating in sentencing is an issue that needs to be fixed. A person could be discriminated against because of their age, sex, or race. It could work out in their favor or hurt them tremendously. The most common type of discrimination is due to race. It’s sad but I don’t think we will ever live in a world when people aren’t getting treated differently. There is a lot of data that proves people get different sentences for t he same crimes. The reason they received a different sentence is becauseRead MoreSentencing Essay1775 Words   |  8 Pagesconfiscated. They can be barred from engaging in various types of commercial activity. Corporations and individuals alike are sentenced in the shadow of the federal Sentencing Guidelines. Federal courts must begin the sentencing process for felonies or class A misdemeanors with a calculation of the sentencing ranges recommended by the Sentencing Guidelines. When they impose sentence, they must consider the recommendation along with the factors prescribed in 18 U.S.C. 3553(a). Appellate courts review theRead MoreMale And Female Sentencing : A Look Into Alternative Sentencing1274 Words   |  6 PagesFemale V Male Sentencing A Look into Alternative Sentencing Ritchey, Christian American Military University Author Note This paper was prepared for CRMJ201. Abstract With incarceration rates rising and jail and prison populations at an all-time high, alternative sentencing is being used more often with non-violent offenders. This paper looks at male and female incarceration rates, the use of alternative programs for sentencing between the two and the effectiveness of such programs. During the paper